About Us

Raincatchers Tasmania is owned and operated by husband and wife team Steve & Georgie Dewing.

Steve is qualified as an Advanced Registered Plumber. His first tool of trade was a broom when he started as an apprentice with Rosetta Plumbing in 1972.

Back then learning the trade, Steve became adept at working with solder, sheet metal and lead. (Did you know the term "plumber" literally means "worker of lead"?)

Steve has plied his trade all over Australia and over the years has seen the introduction of newer, more exotic materials. Where sheet metal and galvanised iron were staple materials decades ago, todays lightweight, environmentally-friendly and durable materials such as food-grade polyethelene are commonplace and Steve has worked with and is very familiar with them all. 

Steve and Georgie are enthusiastic advocates of harvesting rain water not  just because they have chosen to now specialise in supply and installation of rainwater tanks with the establishment of Raincatchers Tasmania. Their family home at the aptly named Tinderbox - the driest place in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel - has been relying on tank water for 25 years and Steve says he has worked out every conceivable way to capture all the rain water that falls onto the rooves of his home and large outbuildings. Even the cubby house featured a skillion roof and downpipe feeding into a small water storage tank.

Because of their considerable private water storage Steve has had no compunction irrigating his large property or washing his car. His teenage children were permitted to have longer showers - a luxury not always known to those on tank water! Thanks to the use of modern materials and fittings including fine filters, Steve has for years boasted that his drinking water is more pure than the reticulated town water.

And importantly, with the area being prone to bush fire Steve rests easier knowing that he has a decent water supply (boosted by pumps that he also supplies) to fight fires.

With Tasmanian lakes and dams at their lowest levels in years and with historical records showing a continual decline in rainfall in the state, Steve and Georgie are convinced that more and more Tasmanians should consider the benifits of installing a Raincatchers water tank either as part of a new home or commercial building construction or as a retrofit.

Steve and Georgies genuine passion for water conservation, their long, practical experience living with rain-catching water tanks, and Steves professional plumbing qualifications, makes the Raincatchers Tasmania crew the ideal people to consult about a new or replacement water tank.

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