21,170ltr / 5000gal Manor Red Tank
21,170ltr / 5000gal Woodland Grey Tank
6000ltr Pale Eucalypt Tank
64mm Storz fitting & cap
Aquaplate Steel Round Tanks
Raincatchers Aquaplate Steel Tanks.

Our Aquaplate steel tanks are constructed from BlueScope polymer coated steel, specifically designed for water storage. It is backed by a nation wide 20 year materials warranty.
They are made using Henrob riveting system giving superior structural integrity and attractive finish.

These tanks are available in several Colorbond colours, galvanized finish and can be post painted in any custom colour for a modest extra charge.

All tanks are fitted standard with a 40mm tank outlet, 40mm lever ball valve, mosquito proof leaf strainer & 90mm overflow.

Our new materials and fabrication equipment allow as to make these in many size variations. With heights from 1025mm to 3010mm and diameters from 900mm to 3500mm.

Aquaplate tanks are perfect for domestic applications as well as for fire tanks, specified for the bush management plan, which requires them to be made from non combustible materials. They can be fitted with 40mm or 50mm outlet and valve and/or optional 64mm Storz Tas Fire coupling.

Listed below are specifications of some of our standard tanks.

Litres Gallons Diameter Height Price (incl.GST)
5125 1000 Squat 2100mm 1480mm $1,320.00
4585 1000 Tall 1700mm 2020mm $1,330.00
6995 1500 2100mm 2020mm $1,500.00
10,725 2380 Fire Tank 2600mm 2020mm $1,925.00
14,279 3000 3000mm 2020mm $2,360.00
17,495 4000 3000mm 2475mm $2,690.00
21,170 5000 3300mm 2475mm $2,990.00
28,960 6435 3500mm 3010mm $3,595.00

Delivery charges may apply. Other sizes also available.
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